The Cape Abilities 48th Annual Meeting @ Cultural Center of Cape Cod!

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The 48th Cape Abilities Annual Meeting
celebrated the achievements of our participants and the contributions of staff and volunteers!  Held October 27 at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in South Yarmouth, this meeting showcased the finest in abilities of the entire Cape Abilities family, while bringing to light the breadth of our mission throughout the Cape Cod community.


Thank you to all who assisted in our celebration!
Congratulations to our Achievement & Recognition Award winners!


2016 Participant Presentation:  Joe Glawson
Joe Glawson has demonstrated phenomenal personal growth over the last 12 years at Cape Abilities. He has turned challenges into successes, emerging as a strong, caring, sensitive and selfless person who inspires us all. He is a leader and a true contributor to his community through volunteer work and his great work ethic is clearly evident in his job at Shaw’s Market, who have employed Joe for nearly fifteen years.

Joe is a friend, mentor and a powerful force behind the our Life Skills Cape Able group. His influences reach throughout all day programs with his ability to calm and motivate everyone around him.  In the simplest of words, Joe is an all-around good guy!


2016 Participant Achievement Award: Janina Aubrey
Janina Aubrey’s warm and cheerful attitude is not the only addictive part of her tremendous personality.  Her strong work ethic  and desire to help others radiates throughout the entire Cape Abilities family. Dependable, efficient, and unfailingly optimistic are just some of the ways people have come to know Janina, either through her tireless volunteerism with Elder Services-Falmouth or her job at Joint Base, Cape Cod, where she has been since 2009.

Janina goes out of her way to talk to others and lend an ear to listen. She loves people, works hard, and always tries to lift the spirits of those around her.  Her cheery disposition and reliable work habits are true inspirations for Janina’s peers and colleagues!


750_48922016 Participant Achievement Award:  Meg Donohue

Meg joined Cape Abilities in July of 2015, and was an instant hit with everyone she came in contact with, both staff and peers. Through her tireless determination to overcome any challenge presented to her, Meg exemplifies what can be achieved by giving  and doing your best each and every day.

A supporter of the March of Dimes for more than 40 years, Meg believes that everyone should be as independent as they can possibly be.  She goes out into the community at every opportunity, and she has made many friends with her amazing sense of humor and that huge personality.

May Meg continue to be the reason why everyone she meets has a smile on their face!


2016 Helen Risch Staff Achievement Award:  Markie Morris

See that smile on Markie?  It is always there, like a beacon.  Staff and Participant alike are drawn not only to that smile, but to Markie’s upbeat spirit, never-ending patience and remarkable kindness.   And that’s not easily said for most people who work in the finance department!

A tireless volunteer at all Cape Abilities events, Markie is always the first one to arrive and the last one to leave.  Her dedication to our participants is unmatched – Markie has taken extra time to train and support one individual in her department by setting up systems that have assisted in the development of both her confidence and her office skills.  Markie’s professionalism, grace, and commitment to ensuring that the dignity of others shines bright does not go unnoticed!


2016 Helen Risch Staff Achievement Award:  Kristin Carlander

Throughout Kristin’s employment, she has continually demonstrated an exhaustive work ethic in meeting the needs of the individuals she supports while she has also grown professionally and is an emerging team leader. Whether supporting our participants through times of sadness and loss, or helping individuals transition from one living situation to another, or completing rigorous academic and practical training to better assist those with autism,  Kristin’s positive spirit and enthusiasm radiates in everything she does.  As a result of her selflessness and passionate loyalty to the individuals we serve, Kristin sets a sterling example of leadership and compassion for all to emulate.  We are so very fortunate to have her as a member of the Cape Abilities family.

2016 Harold Russell Volunteer Award:  Janet Roman

Janet Roman came to the Cape a few years ago after retiring from the Connecticut school system as a special education teacher.   She selflessly gives her time and energy to help us develop programming and new curriculum that engages the individuals in our Cochran Center Life Skills program in exciting activities that not only provide fun and laughter, but also continued learning opportunities.

Janet has also shared her professional expertise with our staff and has developed some creative learning tools for our participants.  In addition, she is always willing to lend a helping hand and assist wherever necessary.  Our participants have developed a deep connection with her, and we are thankful for her devotion to our programs and the individuals we serve.

We depend greatly on our volunteers to be mentors, and to share the story of Cape Abilities with our community.  And we are so very grateful to have volunteers like Janet Roman who not only set such fine examples for our participants as leaders, but are equally dedicated to our mission.

2016 Sean O’Brien Self Advocate Award:

This year marks the first year of the presentation of the Sean O’Brien Self Advocate Award, posthumously named in honor of Sean O’Brien, a Cape Abilities volunteer and employee who modeled self-advocacy for our participants. This award is presented to individuals participating in our new self-advocacy program, which will allow them to have a ‘voice of choice’ that lets them tell us what they want to do and how they want to do it,  and how the services to which they have been referred makes sense in their lives. The award is presented this year to Joe Glawson (above, left), Nick McCarty (above, center) and Tim Brunton (above, right).


2016 Business Partnership Award: Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham MA


This award was presented by Virginia Buckley, one of eight Cape Abilities participants hired to work in multiple departments at the Chatham Bars Inn (CBI) this year!  The CBI staff and management are wholeheartedly supportive in their accommodations and development of natural supports within their resort that connect our participants to the CBI’s sizeable year-round workforce.  We look forward to expanding this terrific partnership in 2017! This is a win-win arrangement that can’t be beat: CBI gets conscientious and dependable employees and people with disabilities have meaningful employment!


in-memoriam-3-collage “When we close our eyes we see you, when we open them we miss you.”









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