Cape Abilities Board of Directors

Marion Broidrick, Chairperson           Cape Abilities

With over 49 years of distinguished service in Barnstable County, Cape Abilities is guided by a Board of Directors with exceptional and diverse backgrounds, who are deeply invested in the Cape Cod community.


CHAIRPERSON                    Marion Broidrick   S. Yarmouth

VICE CHAIRMAN                  David Robinson   Norwell

SECRETARY                         Thomas LaTanzi  Wellfleet

TREASURER                         John Citron         Harwich



Term      Name                                                 Town

2020       Danyel Bianchi-Matteson                   Chatham

2018       James Cullen                                      Yarmouthport

2018       John Damon                                        Barnstable

2020       George Grevelis                                  West Yarmouth

2018       Peter Karlson                                      Sandwich

2018       Dr. James Taylor                                  North Eastham

2019       Alik Taylor                                            Hyannis


President/Executive Director               Larry Thayer

Director Emeritus                                   John Milligan