Cape Abilities Board of Directors

With over 49 years of distinguished service in Barnstable County, Cape Abilities is guided by a Board of Directors with exceptional and diverse backgrounds, who are deeply invested in the Cape Cod community.  We are proud to announce the appointment of Danyel Bianchi-Matteson and David Robinson to this Board, and Scott Rockman as our new Board Chairman.

This is a first-time appointment for Ms. Bianchi-Matteson, who serves as Director of Human Resources at the Chatham Bars Inn in Chatham, MA.
“People with disabilities deserve a life rich with opportunity, the gift of empowerment, and the ability to be active in their communities using the skills and experiences that they developed in their lifetime.  Cape Abilities makes these meaningful opportunities come to fruition.  I am so proud to work for an employer who recognizes, supports, and values people and one that opens the employment door to all including our friends at Cape Abilities.  Being a board member for Cape Abilities is an honor and I’m excited to offer support wherever and whenever needed. It’s a true pleasure.”

Mr. Robinson, President & CEO at Rogers and Gray Insurance Agency in Hyannis, Ma, returns to our Board of Directors, where he most recently served as Board Chairman from 2012 to 2014.  
“I am thrilled to re-engage in Cape Abilities as a board member.  Cape Abilities is an organization that touches many families in our communities and adults with developmental disabilities. I am honored to be a part of this organization and have an even stronger reason to re-engage because of the blessing my wife Kate and I received this year, our daughter Molly.  Molly has given us a much more personal sense of what a special organization Cape Abilities is and I am very pleased to participate in creating a meaningful day for so many.”
Mr. Rockman, former Executive Vice President of Consumer Marketing for the Smithsonian Institution (Ret.), becomes our Board Chairman after five years of service on our Board of Directors. 
“Serving on the Cape Abilities Board of Directors has been a terrific honor and a privilege. My colleagues and I take great pride – and enjoy much satisfaction – in supporting the agency’s talented and caring staff in the incredible work they do to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families across Cape Cod.   As we look towards commemorating Cape Abilities’ 50 years of service – and as I take on the responsibilities of chairperson – the Board is thrilled and inspired by the legacy of accomplishments (big and small) we have to celebrate. But we are also mindful that much work remains to ensure Cape Cod’s next generation of adults with disabilities will continue to be empowered to live active lives and to enjoy meaningful roles in our community.”


CHAIRMAN                           Scott Rockman    Wellfleet

VICE CHAIRMAN                  Carol Kenner      South Chatham

SECRETARY                         Thomas LaTanzi  Wellfleet

TREASURER                         John Citron         Harwich



Term      Name                                                 Town

2020       Danyel Bianchi-Matteson                   Chatham

2019       Jim Botsford                                        Eastham

2019       Marion Broidrick                                 South Yarmouth

2018       James Cullen                                      Yarmouthport

2018       John Damon                                        Barnstable

2020       George Grevelis                                  West Yarmouth

2018       Vivian Haidas                                      Dennis

2018       Peter Karlson                                      Sandwich

2020       David Robinson                                   Norwell

2018       Dr. James Taylor                                  North Eastham

2019       Alik Taylor                                            Hyannis


President/Executive Director               Rosalie Edes

Director Emeritus                                   John Milligan