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At Cape Abilities, we are all family, and family helps one another.
We need your help…we simply cannot do what we do without you.

As we are staying in our homes and socially distancing ourselves to reduce the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, many of our less-visible but most vulnerable neighbors living in our resident homes across the Cape are in especially challenging positions.  So far, you have helped us raise more than $220,000 to our Adopt A Home appeal, and that generous support helped us bridge some daunting financial gaps.  And yet, the stark reality is that as long as this challenge is in front of us, we have to keep going, because our residents and staff need our help.

Today, the 130 residents in Cape Abilities homes are fully dependent upon the men and women who live with them, providing them with care and emotional support every day, around the clock. Each of these special staff members make the difficult choice to leave their families in order to live with our residents who depend upon them…and we need to ensure that they will be compensated for their extraordinary commitment.

You can help us meet this unbudgeted need during this crisis
by choosing to help Adopt A Home with any gift amount!

With each passing hour, the need grows more acute.

During this crisis, the costs of operating our residential programs are well above and beyond the government funding we receive. These additional expenses come from our need to staff all homes with around the clock care; increase staff hourly wages; purchase materials for daily activities; outfit homes with technology; and purchase additional food and supplies.

Accordingly, gifts at any level are meaningful and appreciated:

  • Your gift of $5,000 will cover the entire supplemental costs required to care for one resident for a week;
  • Your gift of $800 will fund the cost of increasing the hourly wage of a direct care staff person currently working in a residential home for one month.
  • Your gift of $500 will underwrite the expense of purchasing iPads for residents, so they can communicate with their family and friends during these socially distant times.
  • Your gift of $200 will fund the cost of increasing the hourly wage of a direct care staff person currently working in a residential home for one week.
  • Your gift of just $100 will provide a home with one week of essential Personal Protective Equipment, such as masks, gowns and sanitizers.

Most of all, at moments like these, every gift makes a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve at Cape Abilities.  Now more than ever, we need your help to support those who depend on us, in any way we can.

Thankfully, the internet makes that pretty easy.

You can donate and Adopt A Home simply by clicking here:





















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