Cape Abilities congratulates its
2019 DDS Recognition Award winners!

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Cape Abilities participants and staff were presented with achievement awards at the recent Recognition Breakfast held by the Cape & Islands Advisory Board of the State Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

We congratulate all for their outstanding service
and accomplishments!


Cape Abilities Day Supports participant Sydney Pessa (flowered blouse, above) has been with Cape Abilities for two years and she has grown so much.  When Sydney first began with us, communication was difficult.  With a lot of practice and patience, she is now able to use picture icons to choose her activities. Sydney will also use some sign language to communicate her needs.  She is always happy and, thanks to assistance from caring Cape Abilities staff like Allison Killkenny (second from left, above), she is ready to engage the community.  Allison works with Sydney as her one-to-one regularly, and the two have a connection that is clearly visible.  Allison’s support is always filled with patience and care, and the success of her day is a result of her selfless focus on Sydney’s safety and happiness.

Cape Abilities Residential program participants John Natov and Kathllen O’Sullivan met almost 40 years ago at his residential school and developed a very strong bond right away.  Then, in 1993, Kate provided John with supports from their (now) mutual home. John used to struggle with frequent, harmful behaviors as a means to communicate, but Kate and Cary (John’s former teacher and current individual support staff) helped John to learn how to make his wants and needs known less aggressively.  With Kate’s supports, John feels appreciated, safe and happy.  He enjoys swimming, gardening, traveling, and is very active in his community.  Kate has facilitated John’s interest in photography, and his photos are now published and largely sought after.  Thanks to Kate’s never-ending creativity, dedication and consistency, John has grown into a truly remarkable, talented and happy young man.



The beautiful artwork that appears on the cover of the official event program and award plaques (above) is a wonderful Jellyfish creation by Cape Abilities participant Tim Duffy.  Also featured on video screens during the morning program (right) was artwork created by Cape Abilities participants Lexi Reale, Mike Kenner, Hayley Doane, Justin McGee, and several artists from our Community Based Day Supports program at the Lyndon Center.


Congratulations Sydney, Allison, John, Kathleen, Tim, Lexi, Mike, Hayley, Justin
and all of our Cape Abilities artists!
We are so proud of you all, and so happy that you are part of our Cape Abilities family.
You inspire us to create and reach for new opportunities EVERY DAY.

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