Thank you Pleasant Bay Community Boating For Summer Fun On The Ocean!

Filed in Uncategorized by on August 11, 2015

For several years, Pleasant Bay Community Boating (PBCB) in Chatham has produced a seasonal boating program in conjunction with Special Olympics that offers sailing lessons free of charge.  And every summer, they invite Cape Abilities participants to be a part of that program.

This special partnership began when Cape Abilities’ Alan Bradford spoke with PBCB’s Greg Kelly, who runs the instructional program, and asked if he could handle a large group of our participants from our Cochran Center location in Eastham. Kelly replied, “that would be wonderful! We would be happy to have them!”

Many of our participants have never been on a sailboat in their lives.  The Wednesday afternoon program, which began in July and ends later this month, is just the kind of life-changing experience our participants enjoy.   We are so grateful to the staff and crew at Pleasant Bay Community Boating for treating our new sea captains and mates every week to an experience of a lifetime!


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