Weather-Related Program Cancellation Notice Procedures

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Program Cancellation Notice Procedures

for All Day and Vocational Programs


Program Closure

To ensure that all caregivers and consumers are notified as early as possible, Cape Abilities will use a number of approaches to notify you of program closings:

  • Automated voice mails will be sent to the primary phone listed on each consumer’s contact sheet.
  • A message will be sent to the primary contact’s email.
  • Closing information will be posted on the Cape Abilities home page and Facebook page.
  • Cancellation notices will be announced by WCOD, WOCN & WQRC and also posted to their corresponding websites as well as

If a storm continues and there are further cancellations beyond the first day, you will receive additional announcements. 


Early Closure During Program Hours

If there is a need to close a day program before the scheduled time, the agency will use the same approaches to communicate with you as are mentioned above.  The notification will indicate the time of the early closing. 

In addition, for anyone who is transported by our drivers who cannot be home alone, we will ensure that someone is home to receive the consumer at the drop off location before the van leaves the property.


Delayed Opening of Day and Employment Programs

If there is a need for a delayed opening, the agency will communicate with you in the same manner as listed above and the message will indicate the revised program start time and the transportation pick up time.  


At any time, you can also call the main agency number – 508-778-5040 and you will either receive a confirming message if we are closed or, if it is a delayed opening or early closure day, a staff member will be available to answer your questions. 

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