Employment Services

Andrew Edes helps maintain the Coast Guard facility at Air Station Cape Cod as part of Cape Abilities' AbilityOne contract.

Cape Abilities provides a wide variety of Employment Services designed to help adults with disabilities find and keep paid jobs on Cape Cod.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 70% of adults with disabilities who are willing and able to work are unemployed.

To watch a brief presentation about Cape Abilities services, click here.

Cape Abilities Businesses
Businesses owned and operated by Cape Abilities provide employment for people with disabilities in a variety of settings across Cape Cod.

School to Work Program
Assists special education students as they transition from school to employment. Cape Abilities helps individuals with disabilities find their first job.

Community Jobs
Our Vocational Program helps participants find and keep jobs in the Cape Cod community that match theirs skill and interest level. The program includes Community Integrated Employment Services, which provides vocational support. Employers know they can rely on Cape Abilities to provide dependable, conscientious workers who receive:

  • Situational Assessments  designed to assess an individual’s interests and abilities in actual job settings across Cape Cod. Job Placement and Training Services enable people to find jobs matched to their own preferences and skills.
  • Job Coaching to assist in job training and support, and coaches serve as a liaison between employers and employees. Follow-up supports ensure that individuals are able to maintain employment.

NISH/AbilityOne Program
Click here to read about our work with this federal program.


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