Shared Living

Cape Abilities Shared LivingAn important alternative to group homes, the Shared Living program matches adults with disabilities with families or individuals (providers) who want to share their home. Providers support individuals with transportation, community involvement and other activities of daily living like personal care, cooking and money management.This living arrangement provides structure for development, growth and change, and also leads to lifelong friendships. People who open their homes often develop new ideas about what makes a family, and find sharing their home incredibly gratifying.

Providers are carefully screened and chosen to ensure people with disabilities who choose this model have a safe, secure and supportive home environment.

Individuals interested in becoming caregivers must coordinate application with their primary funding agency.

Shared living caregivers:
• Develop a relationship based on mutual trust, respect and dignity
• Create a comfortable home that accommodates specific needs
• Provide opportunities for the individual to develop meaningful relationships at home and in the community
• Assist the individual in pursuing life dreams and overcoming challenges
• Support that person to exercise choice and control in everyday activities

• High school diploma (or equivalent)
• Valid driver’s license
• Experience advocating for and supporting individuals preferred

• Personal satisfaction
• Stipend
• Comprehensive nursing support
• Sharing of household expenses
• Support meetings with other caregivers
• Professional case management, consultation and training
• 24-hour emergency support
• Respite services

Where to start
Please contact Residential Services at 778-5040.  Then, we’ll have you complete a caregiver application and have a personal, home interview.

Thank you so very much for your interest!
We look forward to speaking with you!