Transportation Services

Nick Anderson uses one of our wheelchair vans to reach his vending job at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Sandwich.Access to reliable transportation is a key component of living an active, integrated life for people with disabilities.  Since Cape Cod has limited options for public transportation, our transportation program is especially crucial to Cape Abilities participants.

Our Transportation Services program operates through contracts with the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority.  Our wheelchair-lift and passenger vans travel routes across Cape Cod daily to help Cape Abilities participants in our day and employment programs get to and from their daily program, employment, community resources and activities.  These vans cover 500,000 miles a year!

Drivers are experienced and receive training in CPR and first aid.  They are also friendly, responsible and dependable.

For more information, please call 508-778-5040, ext. 418, or email Cape Abilities Transportation Coordinator Cynthia Klopfer at

Additional Transportation options offered on Cape Cod for individuals with disabilities include:

CCRTA Dial-A-Ride – 508-775-8504