Transportation Services

At Cape Abilities, diversity comes in many flavors.
And one department where it shines the brightest is in Transportation Services.

The vast array of our drivers personalities come from a diverse collection of professional encounters – some have been CEOs, CFOs, Firefighters, Police Officers, EMTs, Computer Technicians and Medical Professionals, while others have been Postmasters, Social Workers/Psychologists, FBI Investigators, Professional House Renovators, Chief Cooks and Bottle Washers.

It is these contrasts of personalities and real-life experiences that make our transportation team such an incredibly united family. And its is their dedication to the service of others that make them natural first and last contacts for our participants who rely so heavily on their professionalism and their kindness.

Access to reliable transportation is a key component of living an active, integrated life for people with disabilities.  Since Cape Cod has limited options for public transportation, our transportation program is especially crucial to Cape Abilities participants.  Although it goies without saying that our drivers are friendly, responsible and dependable,  our transportation team is made up of experienced personnel who are well-trained in CPR and first aid.

Our Transportation Services program operates through contracts with the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority.  Our wheelchair-lift and passenger vans travel routes across Cape Cod daily to help Cape Abilities participants in our day and employment programs get to and from their daily program, employment, community resources and activities.  These vans cover 500,000 miles a year!

For more information, please call 508-778-5040, ext. 418, or email Cape Abilities Director of Transportation, Cynthia Klopfer,



Additional Transportation options offered on Cape Cod for individuals with disabilities include:

CCRTA Dial-A-Ride508-775-8504