Thank You, Old Sod Landscaping!

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Our new flower house.

Our new flower house.

A big thank you to our friends at Old Sod Landscaping for helping us get our farm in tip-top shape this spring.

If you’ve been to Cape Abilities Farm on Route 6A in Dennis this year, you may have noticed we’ve done some expanding and sprucing up. This was made possible in part by Old Sod’s generous loan of some equipment to grade our farm property, enabling us to add a new flower greenhouse.

Old Sod owner Finbarr Phelan has a strong sense of community and nurtures that in his employees. His firm, Cape Cod SafeLawns, was one of the first organic lawncare companies established on Cape Cod.

We appreciate the support from this great firm, and we appreciate their stewardship of Cape Cod’s environment.

Thanks again, Old Sod Landscaping, and keep up the good work!

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