Accreditations and Affiliations

CARF_GoldSeal-150x150In July 2017, Cape Abilities was awarded a full three-year accreditation, the highest possible, from CARF International.   Founded in 1966 as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, CARF International is an independent, nonprofit organization that strictly evaluates health and human service agencies and organizations.

CARF accreditation signals Cape Abilities’ commitment to continually improve services, encourage feedback, and serve the community.  “Cape Abilities is a well-managed organization that makes a positive influence on the lives of persons served in its programs”, CARF’s survey reports. “The organization has developed and maintained many successful relationships in the community, and the persons served, family members, community employers, and stakeholders express very high levels of satisfaction with their services.  Cape Abilities is complimented on this accomplishment.”

The accreditation, awarded following an intensive evaluation process, is evidence that Cape Abilities adheres to a higher standard of service, policy and procedure, and is a trusted hallmark of excellence.  We are very proud of this recognition.  It reinforces our commitment to continuously improve the quality of our programs and to stay focused on the satisfaction of the individuals we serve. The accreditation reflects Cape Abilities’ focus on Community Employment Services: Employment Supports, Community Employment Services: Job Development, Community Housing, Community Integration, Host Family/Shared Living Services, and Supported Living.

Cape Abilities is licensed by the state Department of Developmental Services (DDS), and provide services under:

•   The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC)
•   The Statewide Head Injury Program (SHIP)
•   AbilityOne/SourceAmerica


Cape Abilities has been awarded a renewal of licensure and certification from the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services’ Office of Quality Enhancement (DDS) for its Residential and Individual Home Supports, Community Based Day Supports, and Employment services. The latter two services will also have a mid-cycle review in one year.

The Department’s survey and certification system is the process by which agencies like Cape Abilities remain both licensed and certified to provide supports to individuals with intellectual disabilities. The licensure and certification reviews are generally performed as one combined survey process, where the provider is evaluated based on its ability to impact on the quality of life of individuals. The review involves a team of surveyors that utilizes direct observation, interviews with individuals, families and key staff, as well as a review of documentation, to gather information and arrive at ratings.

The licensure and certification processes are distinct in their focus and emphasis and are described below:
Licensure is the provider’s legal authorization to provide service and supports and focuses on the presence of essential safeguards in the areas of health, safety and human rights. These essential safeguards are non-negotiable; they must be present in order for a provider to serve individuals with intellectual disabilities in Massachusetts.

Certification is an assessment of outcomes in peoples’ lives, in addition to health and safety. These outcomes include relationships, community connections, individual control and growth and accomplishments. These outcomes are equally important, but may be part of an evolving process with individuals Cape Abilities supports, and may occur over a longer period time.

In the report provided by the DDS’ Office of Quality Enhancement, the DDS survey team performed a license and certification review of Cape Abilities’ Residential and Individual Home Support services, its Community Based Day Support services, and a review of licensing indicators for the agency’s Employment services. Cape Abilities met 55 out of 62 (89%) licensing indicators for Employment and Day supports. It also met 81 of 88 (92%) indicators applicable for licensure.

In addition, Cape Abilities’ used a deemed process from CARF International to evaluate and report on the quality outcomes covered under the certification review process for its Residential and Individual Home Support, and Employment services.

The review identified a number of strengths and accomplishments resulting in positive individual outcomes, including:
• staff knowledge of each individual it serves and how to best support them
• the coordinated management of residential medical issues and care that assist individuals to achieve and maintain optimal health
• the vocational training and community work opportunities provided through the agency’s entrepreneurial businesses while also developing competitive integrated community employment opportunities

Cape Abilities’ Community Based Day Supports also received commendation from the DDS survey. “The agency utilizes a written feedback form as part of their annual staff performance evaluations, completed by the individuals supported by the staff being evaluated,” notes the survey’s authors. “The agency is commended for formally incorporating this process of including an individual’s feedback into these performance evaluations”.

This DDS licensure and certification is further evidence of Cape Abilities’ commitment to adhere to a higher standard of service, policy and procedure for the benefit of every individual it serves. Cape Abilities is grateful to be recognized by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services’ Office of Quality Enhancement as a trusted hallmark of excellence within the Cape Cod community.